I am so proud to announce our summer curriculum and how it will be offered for you to purchase. You can order the entire summer curriculum, which has 36 activities in it or you can order for just one month or two months. I understand how children and summers work when operating a child care business. Children need to be kept busy and their minds occupied so they do not get into trouble. Our summer curriculum has many different themes and projects to make and we send all of the parts and pieces along with, so you do not need to go shopping for those items. Start out each day by having a circle time discussion. You can do this by having all of the children sit in a circle and sing a fun, favorite song or a circle time song. Children love to sing and share information. Occasionally children will share too much information! Perhaps you can introduce the topic of the week or break it up into days and discuss what they will be doing today. Talk about color, sizes like small or big, what letter of the alphabet it starts with, etc. When you receive your curriculum box, separate each set in individual pocket folders for each child. This will help keep each curriculum set nice and ready for quick, easy access. If you have any questions regarding ordering our summer curriculum, please call our toll free number and have one of our friendly, phone specialists assist you.