We are so proud to announce that we now have the infant curriculum that so many customers have asked for.   You might be asking yourself, “Curriculum for babies?”  The answer is “Yes.”  The early development that occurs from birth through 2 years lays the foundation for all later learning.  To ensure an effective foundation for later development and success, infant and toddler experiences should be designed to meet the individual needs of each child.  Babies want to learn.

Taking care of very young children involves more than just meeting their physical needs.  Today caregivers see themselves as responsive professionals concerned about all aspects of children’s development.  You are molding each infant you are caring for and you are helping mold that infant into healthy toddlers, preschoolers, etc.  You need to listen carefully to each infant’s or toddler’s needs and take a well-grounded approach with each individual’s needs.  We have developed an infant curriculum that will do all of the above.

Our infant curriculum is for birth through 18 months.  It’s flexible and easy to use, this age-appropriate curriculum can be tailored to each child’s needs and is equally suitable for all child care settings.

It covers:

Daily Schedules

Enhancing Infant’s Senses

Principles of Active Learning

Social and Emotional Development

Language Development and Communication

Cognitive Development

Physical and Motor Development

40+ Activities that Stimulate Child Development


Collect an assortment of soft, touchable household objects. With your baby lying on her back on a blanket, take off her shirt and give her tummy a      sampling of the different textures. One at a time, brush each item ever so gently across her skin, describing the sensation as you go.

#1    What A Sensation

Your baby wants to experience everything up close and personal, and she does that through all five senses, particularly touch.

Appropriate for: Newborn to 10 months

Skills developed: Hand-eye coordination, touch sensitivity

What CAC provides: One feather

What you’ll need: A variety of soft-textured items, such as a silk scarf, a clean feather duster or boa, a piece of satin or velvet and something furry like a stuffed animal.

We provide supplies that will be needed for each activity.