Due to the wonderful curriculum, my 3 year old is advancing quickly.  Thank you for creating it.

Jeanne, MI

I love, love, love the curriculum.  Thank you!

Amy, IN

Love it!  Exactly what I am looking for.

Kim, KS

I love the changes you have made this year!  Love the 2 pages instead of 1 in the instructional guide.  Much easier to see what is all planned for the day.  Love the letter animals the kids are doing this year.  I had to call because I am so impressed.

Melody, CT

Carol’s Affordable Curriculum is amazingly affordable.  There are monthly child and self assessments, training, printables, books, projects, songs, fingerplays, puppets, crafts, language arts, math, science, and social/emotional skill builders in a well organized, easy to follow, and age appropriate curriculum.   For just a bit more than a buck a week, your program can have a professional grade, prepared curriculum!

LaDonna, Woosley Academy for Young Learners, MO

I am beyond impressed with the curriculum.  Thank you for all of the supplies, menus, love that you pack everything.  I am impressed with EVERYTHING!

Annabel, CA

I have a group daycare in Freeland, MI I have been doing daycare for… 16 + years. I just ordered my first month from you guys and I must say I Love it !It is so easy to follow and the crafts are easy for the little ones to do.. Thank you for making my job a little easier.


Barbara, MN

Teachers are in awe at how ready kindergarten ready the children are using the curriculum.

Darla, TX

Has been in daycare for 35 years and is very thankful for Carol’s Affordable Curriculum.

Ada, NY

The parents love how much the children are learning using the curriculum.

Debbie, CO

Recommends CAC to all her friends and child care providers.

I just got my first box in the mail today and I am SO impressed! I can’t believe how many projects I got and it was so affordable. Look forward to ordering more boxes!

Stacy, KY

My children really enjoy your curriculum, especially the shape characters.  We took them and made a class bingo it makes for a lot of fun and great review.  Looking forward to a great year of learning.

Marla, TX

Students are graduating a year ahead of the other students using Carol’s Affordable Curriculum.  I am thrilled with CAC.

Melanie, KY

We ABSOLUTELY love this curriculum,we have tried others that were just “over her level” but, CAC is perfect…everyday,she will ask me “mom,can we do school stuff today?” I wouldn’t trade it for nothing…she starts prek in august but I am still ordering so she can have activities to for when she is out of school!!!

Honey, TN

I’ve been teaching with this curriculum for 4 years and it still amazes me how effective it Is! I have 3 year olds who can identify every letter in the alphabet from using this curriculum. My son started READING in pre-k because the curriculum gave him a “head start” in school. Love, love, love it!

Casey, KS

My home daycare children and parents love CAC! The lessons are fun and creative! I love it because it’s simple and organized for me! We are going on 3 years with CAC!

Krystal, FL

I used a curriculum from another company for over 20 years. I am now using CAC and I love the worksheets and the children’s certificate. It’s so nice that the children can take home something everyday and be proud of their accomplishments.

Meg from MN

Easy to follow and with the ready made crafts/ worksheets there’s little to no prepping time needed! Great for homeschooling takes 45minutes – 1.5hrs. Curriculum has lots more ideas to expand with especially if your teaching a larger class size! Book suggestions have been awesome and easy to obtain at the local library or by voice recording on You Tube! Themes and organization of letter/ number recognition work well. Overall I give this Curriculum an A+!