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Preschool Curriculum and crafts for: All children Infant thru 6 years old

Hello!  We at Carol’s Affordable Curriculum welcome you to our site.  CAC has been around for 21 years and we have each of you to thank for our success.  We provide our customers with fantastic curriculum for children ages 18 months - 6 years with all craft materials included.


Our preschool curriculum provides an activity for each day of the work week.  Over half of the month is crafts and the other half includes worksheets and other educational pages and projects.  We provide all the materials to complete the crafts.  You don’t need to make any copies, simply order curriculum for however many children you need it for.  You will need to provide glue, scissors, crayons, markers or painting materials.


All preschool curriculums coordinate with each other.  If we are working on the letter G, we will be working on the same “topic” with all curriculums.  You can order what you need from all four curriculums and work together with all children at the same time.  This is a great concept!


We feature alphabet letters, numbers, shapes, colors, opposites and exploring new adventures each month.


We invite you to check out our preschool curriculum and other items for sale.

Thank you for your business!


Philosophy Statement: Carol’s Affordable Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed around the widely respected theories of Jean Piaget, an early childhood theorist who believed that young children learn best through hands on, active experience. The provider’s role is to provide an appropriate environment, routine, and materials. Our materials simplify this process for providers by providing them with a developmentally appropriate plan for the month, along with the materials for successfully implementing that plan. Providers can be assured that they are offering the children in their care everything they need for success in kindergarten and beyond.